About Joyce

Joyce Bosch is highly regarded in the area for her deep nurturing integrity and healing presence.

Joyce is devoted to creating a safe loving container.

She likes to make you see your own light and helps you to return home to your truest essence.

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I'm Joyce Bosch

Body Worker & Coach

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I am a Bodyworker & Coach and give sessions on festivals and retreats since 2012.

Much of my work is based on different international teachings on enabling the release of Energetic, Emotional and Physical Blockages to balance the energies in your body. My goal is to give you body awareness and to take you on a journey through Mind, Heart and Body herewith waking up your Life Energy and paving the way for passion, manifestation and zest for life.

During a session I will accompany you on your journey to help you expand and deepen your personal process to soften your body and mind setting the foundation for a deeper connection with your self and others.  

With Enjoy(ce)! you can expect an intensely Pleasurable Experience, Relaxation, Transformation and Healing. 

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Great Attention To Detail

A journey to reconnect to the wisdom of your body

I like to take you on a journey where you trust your body and I follow the energy and feel where it gets blocked. With a blockage I use my voice or drum to encourage your body to release on a deeper level. At the same time I might work intensely on trigger or acupressure points and help you to breathe, sound and move through pain. In this way you can let go, feel free and relieved.


I'm Specialized In

Giving De-Armouring Sessions To Release Physical And/Or Emotional Blockages

My parents could never have given me a clear answer. But at a certain point it became clear to me, that the word ‘Joy’ wasn’t a part of my first name by accident. After I came to realise, that the corporate world hadn’t much ‘Joy’ to offer me anymore, I started my quest for what coúld give me back pleasure again. In India I started to give myself space for developing my spiritual qualities. 

Back in the Netherlands this resulted in giving Thai Yoga massages. But to add even more ‘Joy’ to not only the life of my clients, but as well as my own life, I started specialising myself in giving De-armouring sessions. 

Through physical touch I release my clients from physical and/or emotional blockages. Thus life force energy can start flowing again, bringing back pleasure automatically.

It gives me great satisfaction, when I see – but above all feel – how much more positive clients leave my sacred workspace. Regardless of what kind of session I gave them. A feeling the corporate life was never able to give me. Now the security of which I could call my temple, is my office, where my true life purpose comes to full maturity. 

Open yourself up to enjoying and living your life to the fullest!